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About Raventhe...

Raventhe is the lone wolf behind Apathy Goat, and right now he's writing about himself in third person and it's probably a little bit uncomfortable for both of us. NB: Hire PR assistant

Well. I'm turning 26 in two weeks and I left behind a career in software engineering to focus on game dev (and beer, and steak). I can't imagine THAT'S a unique backstory. Should I have selected "family murdered by slavers?"

My passion would be hardcore dark fantasy games like Gothic, The Witcher & Planescape: Torment. Once I'm in a position to be more ambitious, that's what I'll be unleashing!

Other things I dig include Patrick Rothfuss' books, Stone's green ginger wine, rare rib eye, open fireplaces, storms, camping and Friday nights wasted on games and booze with my big brother.

Apathy Goat is being developed with Unity.

I don't know what to write. Shoot if you have any questions!

Facebook, Twitter & Website Launched!

//19 December, 2014

Okay! After a solid week of work, I'm pretty happy with what I've got here! I've got working blogs with comments, email updates, contact form, decent enough landing page and all! Now that I think of it...

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Return from Overseas + Aiming for Steam

//10 December, 2014

So, I worked solidly on Apathy Goat for several months earlier this year. I'd hooked in multiple skills with upgrades, implemented a bunch of different enemies, back-end stuff...

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New Project: Apathy Goat!

//17 March, 2014

My previous project, False Ascension, was looking unruly. I'd made amazing progress and[...]

Apathy Goat is an arcade-style “type-‘em-up” for Facebook. It stars a goat who simply doesn’t care.

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