Return from Overseas + Aiming for Steam

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21 April, 2018

So, I worked solidly on Apathy Goat for several months earlier this year. I'd hooked in multiple skills with upgrades, implemented a bunch of different enemies, back-end stuff (world high scores etc.) and full Facebook integration, a functional UI (with temp graphics) and more. Basically all I needed to do was lay out the levels and polish up a few things and it was good to go.

Beyond this, though, development was delayed because I decided to take a 3 month holiday backpacking in South East Asia when the opportunity presented itself. I'd never been overseas before and needed to push myself a little bit, to know what I was capable of. I did manage to get a few days of work done while traveling, but I didn't want to waste the experience sitting on my laptop.

I returned home a few weeks ago, and after a small period of adjustment, started trying to get my head back into Apathy Goat. But I just couldn't decide what to do. Something felt wrong. Something was missing. I'd wanted to make a casual, free-to-play game with some small in-game purchases, but it's just... not my style. I kept swinging back further toward making a PROPER fucking game instead of a casual piece of shit. I know, I'm weak. I realised recently that for some time I'd been toeing the line awkwardly between two niche markets: people who want to play casual games, and people with a stronger attention span and a sense of humour who wanted to play something unique. And I wasn't going to appeal to either of them.

After reading another indie dev's blog, I've had a major change of plans. It's funny how sometimes I'll just ride with an idea all the way into the ground instead of rethinking my situation and changing things. I don't like making core changes. And it can be a little heartbreaking realising that some of the stuff you've worked on is going into the scrap pile. But anyway, here it is.

Steam. Steam is achievable. The people there are the people that I want to be serving. But Apathy Goat just isn't the right kind of game for Steam. It has challenge and it's fun--I'm sure of that--but it really needs more content. I'd been having trouble coming up with more ideas for content because my approach was way too formulaic.

Suddenly, though, all these ideas hit me. New ideas for levels, for mechanics. Ways to bring the characters to life more. Ways to inject more humour. It's as though I'd been suffering an epic case of writer's block, and suddenly... my thoughts were just *flowing* again. I guess I'm inspired!

So, I'll put my Facebook work on the backburner for now. There's a fair bit to do to stretch Apathy Goat the rest of the way in terms of development, but by far my biggest problem now is simply PR & building a fan-base. Originally Facebook was going to take care of that for me via the viral "invite your friends" method, but Steam is an entirely different kettle of fish. Now I need a website (and a logo!), I'll need to have a better dev blog and push it across multiple forums... plus a Twitter & Facebook identity. And I want to Kickstart, and I need to set up a Steam Greenlight. I need to get my name out there. It's hard to know where to start.

First, though... I suppose it'll be Facebook and Twitter! And then the website... Haven't worked on one of THOSE for a few years, sheesh.

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» Kane, Australia
11:12, 23 December, 2014

Wow, very goats

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