New Project: Apathy Goat!

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20 February, 2018

My previous project, False Ascension, was looking unruly. I'd made amazing progress and I'll absolutely continue work on it later, but I've realised that I just don't have the time I need to build something of that kind of quality. Graphics are the big problem. I'd need to spend 6 months practising 3D modeling alone.

So, I've decided to make something smaller in the short-term, that will hopefully put me on my feet to continue working on FA. I've spent days brainstorming, trying to think of an idea for a game that is simple enough to be achievable in a reasonable timeframe, but without sacrificing fun or challenge.

I've crossed of stacks of ideas: arcade RPGs, forest exploration games, caveman sims, slime squashing, a game like dungeon keeper, a town-building Pokemon clone like Azure Dreams, and more. Always, I find myself getting excited by an idea and then suddenly remembering: fuck! This idea is huge. I'm meant to be making something simple.

So after a period of this, along came Apathy Goat!

Apathy Goat is an arcade-style “type-‘em-up” for Facebook. It stars a goat who simply doesn’t care. It’s entirely 2D with terrible MS Paint quality graphics-–something of a specialty of mine–-so I should be able to pump it out quickly and easily! So far it’s been a breeze to work on the client-side aspects of it. Of course before long I’m going to have to integrate the Facebook social aspects & server-side stuff, like a database to store high scores etc., but it should all be pretty easy.

Pumped! Here's preliminary shot.

I want to make it so you have to finish the level before Apathy Goat finishes his smoke, but I'm not sure how I'll handle that mechanic yet. Note that the skills in the UI on the right aren't implemented yet.

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